PROJECT: coastwide self storage

Coastwide Self Storage is a family owned business and opened a new purpose built facility in
December 2023, which includes the game-changing Nokē Smart Entry system.

Coastwide Self Storage is a family business owned by Rick and Lisa Pace. Rick and Lisa started the business in 2014 after noticing a need for self storage in their local area.

Rick and Lisa owned a large vacant block of land adjacent to their already existing commercial property. They started with just 20 shipping containers on hardstand and the business grew from there. When one of their neighbouring factory tenancy was vacated, Coastwide took back the building and converted the space to storage units. Since then there have been fit outs in four of their factory buildings and plans for more in the future.

In December 2023, Coastwide opened its brand new, purpose built facility at Doyalson, on the northern end of the Central Coast, which they are super excited about. From day one, it has really taken off beyond their expectations. They have implemented the Nokē Smart Entry system, which customers have really embraced and everyone is loving this new system.

The main focus for Coastwide is customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on offering customers the best experience possible when storing their valuable possessions. Providing a modern, well maintained facility is top priority. They ensure their staff are well trained and friendly and being hands on is really important as well. This way they can provide each and every customer with the service they deserve.

It’s been a lot of hard work but a proud achievement for the Coastwide team.


Doyalson, New South Wales


Gross floor area: 5,590 m2
Number of units: 402
Number of floors: 2


Products/Services used:

The challenge:

Coastwide had planned to put six 1000 m² warehouses on an empty block of land adjacent to their existing commercial property, but had concerns about maintaining occupancy on a site. If you lose a tenant for a large warehouse, it can sometimes take a while to re-lease the building. Coastwide had been considering self storage as a business model for a while, so decided to take a risk and start small with 20 brand new shipping containers to see if it could work. As these filled up, Coastwide would buy another 20 and so on.

Coastwide started their business knowing that they had the drive and determination to have a successful storage facility. They did a lot of research and groundwork but when it came to fit outs and ensuring they would have a top quality facility, they weren’t sure where to start.

Coastwide contacted a few of the top self storage manufacturers, but Janus was an obvious stand out compared to the others. Their knowledge, customer support and quality are second to none so it was a no brainer from the start who would be chosen for this project.

The Solution:

The Janus Australia team have been working with Coastwide since the start of their business in 2014 and continue to offer free consultations and work alongside Coastwide to find the perfect solution. After supporting their requirements, a full fit out including the Nokē Smart Entry system was recommended. The requirement was for this facility to be built before Christmas and the project management team at Janus were efficient and managed to meet the deadline with top quality workmanship.

Customer Testimonial:

‘’Since we started our Self Storage business 10 years ago we have teamed up with Janus for all of our design, manufacture and installation needs. We obviously contacted a few of the other companies in the beginning as well, but we knew from the get go that Janus were right for us. Every project and expansion which we have undertaken, has been nothing but a positive experience thanks to Janus. From management, to the design team and the installation teams, we have always had a smooth journey, thanks to their wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as providing a high quality product and always on time.

Our latest build includes the new Nokē Smart Entry system and this has been a game changer. The Nokē Smart Entry system makes it easier for us and our staff to control lock outs etc., but best of all our customers are loving the new system as well. It’s easy to use and eliminates the need for keys and pin codes which is great. The Nokē support team are very knowledgeable and always on hand to assist if needed. We love this new concept and highly recommend it.

We are grateful for the relationships we have made over the years with the Janus team. Everyone we have ever dealt with is professional, knowledgeable, and approachable and we have built some really nice friendships over the past 10 years.

We highly recommend Janus to anyone who is involved or looking to start out in the self storage industry and we look forward to many more projects with Janus in the future.’’

Rick Pace and Lisa Pace, Owners, Coastwide Self Storage

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