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What is the R³> Program?

The R³> program takes aging self storage facilities and helps owners and operators maximise their space, all while improving the safety, aesthetics and functionality of older facilities.

The program is designed to help existing brands compete with new high-tech operators, who enter local markets with more significant resources, brand recognition and operational capabilities.

The concept of R³> itself is very straightforward, replacing your unit doors, optimising your unit mix and idle land, adding a more robust security solution all help you do two important things:

  • Charge higher rental rates.
  • Compete with modern self storage facilities and large operators.


The first stage of the R³> program is to restore your competitive advantage by optimising your unit mix to meet local market demand and expectations. Janus International Australia will work with your team to consider the challenges and opportunities in your surrounding market, establish demand and review occupancy trends.

The insights gained through this review then form the basis of a proposal to reconfigure your unit mix for optimal performance. This strategy may include superior locker solutions, larger workspaces, and other innovative ideas from Janus International Australia’s arsenal of restorative ideas.


The next stage of the R³> program is to rebuild aspects of your facility and enhance your asset value with top-up or build-over solutions. These seamless strategies utilise the space above existing units or buildings to increase rentable space without dramatically changing the property’s footprint. 

Every R³> rebuild solution will also explore portable storage units that can be used in areas where permanent constructions are unfeasible, such as over easements. This approach is also an ideal option to manage immediate and short-term demand.


After any rebuilding works, the next step is to replace all key aspects of the facility that require modernisation. Even the simplest of aesthetic changes can completely transform the appearance of a self storage facility, making it feel newer, brighter, and more appealing to potential tenants.

This facelift can include new doors, lighter hallways, improved security, and smart access solutions. The improved customer experience that comes with these upgrades is often far more cost-effective than the immediate return from significant upgrades.

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